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Motorized Window Shutters San Leandro


San Leandro


Gunner Bass

Service Request:

Client was hoping to install remote control shutters to enhance both his personal safety and to give his windows more stylish appeal.

Our Solution:

Window shutters are stronger and bigger than other types of window coverings. They also last longer, and all these characteristics have people leaning towards shutters when it comes time to cover up their windows. The fact that they are so strong is a great quality for those looking to add some security features to their house. They can be used at any time of day. The shutters work by using electric motors and can be operated via remote control. This makes them super convenient as compared to non-motorized shutters. It's important to measure the windows exactly so that the shutters can be custom-made to fit. This way, when you close them all the way, they offer you an extra security layer to your home. Mr. Bass looked over the various options for what the shutters can be made out of. He decided to cover his living room windows with sturdy metal shutters.

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