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Motorized Blinds

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Window treatments come in all varieties, and nowadays most of them are powered. Motorized blinds have gotten more advanced over the last couple of decades, and they’ve also gotten less expensive. There are more benefits to choosing motorized blinds over the old fashioned variety than most people realize. And motorized blinds are fast becoming more and more affordable. With remote control window coverings in your Contra Costa home, you can control precisely how much sunlight streams through the windows. Create the perfect ambiance and indoor climate using automatic coverings for windows, glass doors, and more.

Why Motorized Window Blinds?

Aside from obvious convenience and time-saving qualities, motorized blinds are a great home management tool. For Contra Costa homes and businesses, motorized window blinds offer an excellent choice. With timers or remote control programming to adjust the motorized blinds automatically, you’ll never risk forgetting to draw or raise them. This potentially saves a lot of money on faded wallpaper and furniture, not to mention damage to monitor screens and office electronics. Since window panes are also where sunlight comes in and atmospheric heat bleeds out, a system that automatically protects them can actually lower your electricity bill. Automatic window blinds use a lot less juice than the air conditioner and heater time you might otherwise have to run! Finally, motorized blinds don’t need cords, and the wireless blinds available today have no power cords either. This makes them safe for small children and pets.

Smart Blinds Systems And Networks

So, how do motorized blinds do all this in your Contra Costa property? There are several possible approaches. The high-maintenance method is to connect your blinds to an internet app that you can control from your smartphone or another device. This means that no matter where you are, you can adjust the blinds for the current time and weather conditions into account. You can save some of this hassle by putting your motorized blinds on a timer so that they’ll automatically open or close at certain times of the day and night. If you want your system to take complete care of itself without any need for you to keep track, have a look at our “smart” blinds. These models use either built-in sensors or weather forecast uplinks to adjust themselves in real-time to protect your indoor environment.

Internal Batteries And Solar Energy For Blinds

On the topic of power and energy-saving, most motorized blinds these days have their own batteries instead of needing a wall plug. If you want to really save costs over time and also help the environment, you can look into solar-powered blinds. Window blinds are perfect anchors for solar panels, and they can easily provide for the battery’s needs just by facing outside for much of the day. Solar panels require regular dusting in order to stay at full efficiency, but as long as you keep your motorized blinds’ panels clean they’ll reward you! With solar-powered motorized blinds, you harness natural energy to control indoor climates. This green, eco-friendly covering solution can also save you money on energy after a while.

Motorized Window Blinds – Local Contra Costa Source

Consult with friendly professionals in your area on automatic window treatments with remote controls. Our motorized blinds are available in vertical and horizontal orientations, and can include shutters, shade layers, and other extra features. Whether you want sheer shades for a parlor, blackout blinds for your bedroom, or just plain Venetian blinds for an office, we custom make them. These styles all come in the color and materials of your choosing and are compatible with the sensor, network, and solar power features mentioned above. Call us today and arrange a free estimate appointment to start designing your new set of motorized window blinds!


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